LSU Museum of Art in Baton Rouge

The Chamber of Commerce of Baton Rouge was an amazing help when I visited the city and wanted ideas for fun. They were so helpful and friendly and let me know their website had a great deal of information as well. Per recommendation from a COC employee, I chose a visit to the LSU Museum of Art on my very first day of arrival. This is the city’s only dedicated art museum which was surprising to me, considering the abundant size of the city. Nonetheless, I knew that I wanted to enjoy this experience!

An avid art lover, I appreciate the creativity and the concept of art. The finished product is oftentimes mind-boggling and tells a story if only viewers open the pages and read. Nothing is more intellectually pleasing than viewing a piece of artwork that someone created with their heart, soul, and visions so clear. It offers insight into the mind, though it isn’t simple enough for everyone to understand. The LSU Museum of Art was absolutely mind-blowing. I viewed a variety of types of artwork at the center, each representing a different era or place in time. Much of the work inside the museum was that created by local artists. Local art and upcoming artists both hold a special place in my heart.


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